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Sapa is one of the three largest suppliers of building systems based on aluminium profiles in Europe. Today, markets for building systems are largely local since they are subject to local regulations and building standards. Consequently, proximity is important.

Building System companies are located in Belgium, France, Portugal, Sweden and the UK, with sales offices in a further 13 countries.

Development is progressing towards growing European regulations on building products, with the European Union as one of the driving forces. Through Building System, Sapa has a coordinated organisation that improves the opportunities to develop the required technical solutions. The organisation also generates synergies in purchasing, marketing, sales and IT.

The objective of Sapa Building System is to provide the market as effectively as possible with well-developed systems and products, thereby offering a tangible added value for the customer - a strong business partner for the construction industry.

    Sapa RC System - Abu Dhabi
P.O. Box 47359
Abu Dhabi
Tel: 02-6789840
Fax: 02-6789802
Sapa RC System nv - HEAD OFFICE
Industrielaan 17
BE-8810 Lichtervelde, Belgium
Tel: + 32 51 72 96 66
Fax: + 32 51 72 96 89