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Glass and glazing systems have always been prime tools for the architect / designer to give an independent identity to his creation. This means that the glass supplier should have the capacity and capability to offer custom-built glazing solutions.

Belgium Aluminium & Glass Industries is well positioned to cater for the needs of contemporary architects and consultants through its competent infrastructure of proficient management and office staff, computerized design section, modernized workmanship, qualified engineers and trained labour.

We keep in touch with the latest developments within the glazing field and modify our workmanship by adapting the latest technology and material developments to give the client full satisfaction in terms of economy, quality and service.

We can provide glass for:
  • Curtain walling - 2-way and 4-way structural glazing
  • Skylights - Domes
  • Partitions and Dividers - Screens
  • Windows and Doors - Shopfronts and Entrances
  • Balustrades - Walkway Canopies
  • Machine Guards
  • And many other applications

Belgium Aluminium & Glass Industries use all types of glass as specified by the Consultants for any particular project. Our product range incorporates glass from world-renowned manufacturers like Glaverbel (Belgium), Saint Gobain (France), Guardian Glass (U.S.A.), Ford Glass (U.S.A.), Emiglass (U.A.E.) and many others.

Qualified technocrats at Belgium Aluminium & Glass Industries constantly improve our services by refining processes and methods to deliver best quality, supported by a factory having the latest machinery, with well trained operators, fabricators and supervisors adopting prudent methods. With computerized Design and Engineering sections, the company strives satisfy any requirement set for it.

Belgium Aluminium & Glass Industries is assessed to comply with:
ISO 9001
ISO 14001


The soaring heat of our Gulf region climate demands a glazing system which can offer optimum light control and heat transfer control in order to avoid wastage of expensive electricity by minimizing the power consumption required to maintain a stable climatic condition inside the building.

For this, and with a view to enhance the acoustic performance of the system, Belgium Aluminium & Glass Industries offer double and triple glazing systems to meet specified parameters, using various combinations of glass.

We utilize our most modern automatic glass washing machine, which allows us to clean both surfaces of a glass pane, without human intervention, to deliver clean, clear, dust and grease free glass surfaces for the purpose of making insulated glazing.

Best quality spacer tubes, ranging from 6 mm to 12 mm thickness, moisture absorbing medium and specified double glazing sealants are utilized to make custom-built double and triple glazed units.

The insulated glass systems can be of 18, 20, 22, 24, 30, 36 and 42 mm thickness, comprising two or more panels of monolithic glass with a dehydrated air space, metal spacer tube filled with desiccant material, hermetically sealed around the periphery.

Depending upon the requirement of the site conditions and specification, the panes can be of tempered or laminated glass to improve the overall performance and add the safety dimension.